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Product ID: SCONB14
Rent a Cut-Quick Saw, MX Battery, 14" Blade
Details of Rental Item
32 lbs
Blade Capacity
Cutting Depth
Powered By
MX FUEL Battery (incl. 2 Batteries, 1 Charger)
RUNTIME per Battery
6FT in concrete @ 5" deep
RUNTIME per Battery
72 Cuts in 5/8 Rebar
RUNTIME per Battery
11 Cuts in 8" Cinder Block
RUNTIME per Battery
4 Cuts in 8" Ductile Iron Pipe
RUNTIME per Battery
5 Cuts in 8" Cast Iron Pipe
RUNTIME per Battery
53' Cut in Corrugated Deck
Recharge Time
90 Minutes
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The Milwaukee MX FUEL™ 14” Cut-Off Saw delivers instant starts and zero emissions while providing you with no gas headaches, fastest cuts from start to finish, and can cut 6 ft of concrete or 72 cuts in #5 rebar per charge. The MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ battery pack provides instant power with no gas headaches. This results in the demo saw having fewer wearable parts, less noise and vibration, and zero emissions for a safer workspace indoors or outdoors. The cordless cut off saw is compatible with all MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, giving you the hardest working and most reliable power for equipment. The push-button activation eliminates the repetitive motions of a pull start and gives you the ability to cut materials faster from start to finish. This reduces your downtime and allows you to get jobs done faster. A full 14” capacity gives you the ability to cut up to 5” depths in a large variety of materials. It also gives you the freedom to choose between 12” and 14” blades. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers the power to cut through a wide range of tough materials from concrete to rebar and ductile iron. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures optimal tool performance and provides overload protection to protect your machine and battery during the toughest applications. Sometimes referrred to as chop saw, wet saw, wet concrete saw, pavement saw, cut off saw, demo saw, demolition saw or cutoff saw or concrete cutter or electric cut saw or electric cut off saw or battery cut saw or battery cutoff saw
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