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Rent a Concrete Cutting Chainsaw, Gas Powered
Details of Rental Item
27.5 lbs
Bar Length
Cutting Depth
Water Supply
20 PSI minimum
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Cut concrete with this Stihl concrete chainsaw rental. It works great where 12, 14, and 16-inch conventional saws will not work - like deep cutting and hard corners.
The required diamond chains are avaliable for purchase: ICS 525392 14" value chain (best value) and the premium chain, ICS 71486.
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The GS461 chain engine on this saw rental is based on the popular Stihl MS461 and includes all of its technical and ergonomic advantages. A concrete chain saw gives you better access in tight situations. You can cut sharp corners without over cutting and make up to 390 mm (15-inch) deep cuts from one side. This concrete plunge saw rental is a perfect complimentary saw when the first cut is made with a conventional bladed saw with 1/4" blade. The Stihl replaces the ICS saw in concrete cutting chain saws. sometimes called a concrete cutter or diamond saw.
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