Product ID: PUM2
Rent a Clean Water High Pressure Pump, 2"
Details of Rental Item
51.1 lbs
Gallons Per Minute
Water Pressure
60 PSI
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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We rent discharge and intake hoses.

* To get to 60 PSI with this pump the water needs to be resrticted at the point of discharge by adding a nozzle, a sprinkler head or something similiar. Feet of rise and length of hoses are limiting factors for both volume and pressure.
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Legendary Honda commercial-grade OHV engines are reliable, easy-to-start and incredibly rugged. Honda GX Series engines are certified to meet or exceed EPA emission levels. This pump has the abilty to pump 134 gallons/minute of clean water at 60 PSI. Most water pumps are capable of only about 20 PSI water pressure.
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