Product ID: LIFX55
Rent a 55' Lift, Drivable X Boom
Details of Rental Item
Working height
Platform height fully extended
Horizontal outreach
Max basket capacity
500 lbs.
Basket size
5' x 2' 6"
Haul with
18' or larger skid loader trailer
Drive speed
1.75 - 4.5 MPH
Leveling Capability
24V DC or 21 HP diesel
6,000 lbs
Outrigger footprint
13' x 13'
Rental Rates
1/2 day
14 days
28 days
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Rent a Bil Jax 55XA X Boom lift to reach 61'. The 55XA can be driven around from the basket as opposed to the trailer lifts that need a tow vehicle on the jobsite. This lighter weight machine will not cause the damage to turf and parking lots like the heavier JLG etc. machines. It uses "easy to set" outriggers for stability instead of just massive weight. The outriggers require a 13 x 13 foot space in which to set up. This lift is trailerable. It can be transported on a typical 10,000 GVWR equipment trailer with ramps or a tilting trailer. Sometimes referred to as an xboom or xboom55

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Lightweight & Self-Propelled. This machines is one of the most versatile options available to the industry because of the 61' working heights and use of hydraulic outriggers instead of heavy counterweights. Indoor and outdoor use is possible because of the dual-power source (AC/DC). Ours has the diesel option for prolonged outdoor use. Switch over to battery power for indoor work. This type lift is also referred to as a bucket, bucket truck, man lift, AWP aerial work platform, high reach lift or cherry picker. This type lift is also referred to as a bucket, bucket truck, man lift, stick lift, straight lift AWP aerial work platform, high reach lift or cherry picker or aireal lift or MEWP or mobile work elevating platform or arial lift high reach lift, pull behind platform lift or cherry picker or pull behind electric lift or hi lift or high lift or person lift or off road lift or bucket lift. These lifts are great for tree trimming and tree cutting.
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