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Product ID: NAIDE
ReConnx De Nailer, Nail Kicker Nail Remover
Details of Rental Item
Max nail removal capacity, Head side
Max nail removal capacity, Point side
1 1/2" (softwood)
Average hits to remove nail
1-2 point side, 2-5 head side
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Remove old nails the fast and easy way. Reclaim old wood quickly.
Uses of DENAILER Nail Kicker from Reconnx

Remove siding, sheathing
Remove metal roofing and siding
Remove trim
Remove drywall
Drive finish nails through board
Drive spikes through timbers
Clean pre-cast and cast-in-place forms
Remove nails from temporary bracing and forms
Remove broken deck boards
Replace broken stringers
Effective on most block and stringer pallets
Dismantle pallets for reuse, recycling and re-purposing
Denail flooring nails and cleats
Remove flooring staples
Countersink nails and cleats prior to refinishing
Deconstruct 2x framing and temporary braces
Remove siding, trim and sheathing
Repair residential decks
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