Product ID: LP20
Propane Tank, 20 LB
Details of Rental Item
Total Weight
Propane Capacity
Flat Rate per full 20lb tank
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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All compressed cylinders (any type) MUST be transported in a secured, upright position.
Tanks may not be transported in the trunk of a car or the front seat of a vehicle."
Total weight of compressed cylinders (tanks + compressed gas) may not exceed 1,000lbs.

TO BE RENTED ONLY WITH RENTALS FROM GAP POWER THAT REQUIRE PROPANE (not available for rent as propane tank only)
LP Conversion
8.547 cu. ft. per pound
4.24 lbs. in gallon
36.45 cu. ft. per gallon

Hose Sizing
For low pressure heaters that use 3/8" hose, use 3/8" up to 50 ft, and use 1/2" for 75 ft to 150 ft.
for low pressure Natural Gas Heaters 150k and smaller, use 1/2" hose up to 50 ft, 3/4" hose up to 150 ft.
Tank Chart

Tank Chart

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