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Product ID: COMPL40B
Reversable Plate Tamper Rental, MX Battery, 4,000 Lb. Force
Details of Rental Item
205 lbs
Centrifugal Force
4046 lbs
Plate Size
16" X 18"
Runtime Per Battery
60 minutes (6975 sq ft/hr)
(2) BP1000 51V Batteries
Charge Time (external charger)
80 minutes
Rental Rates
1/2 Day
28 days
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Milwaukee MXF220 Plate Tamper
Powered by two MX Lithium Ion Batteries for almost continuous runtime with included charger.
Indoor construction - Backfill and foundation work, Pipe replacement
Our MX FUEL™ 20” Plate Compactor provides the most productive and reliable compaction. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers the power to hit harder and travel faster for maximum productivity without sacrificing compaction performance. The plate compactor provides no gas headaches with push button start and no regular maintenance, reducing downtime and allowing you to get jobs done faster. Zero emissions mean a safer workspace indoors and in trenches. It also offers greater control with multi-direction capability and fast/slow speed control for easier maneuverability around forms. Also referred to as a sidewalk compactor.
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