Product ID: BLOOZ
Ozone Generator Rental 1500Mg (Ionizer)
Details of Rental Item
Power input
110 volts 2 amps
7 lbs. 9 oz.
1500 MG per hour
12 hours. Also has hold feature
Max Treatment Area
60,0000 cubic feet (i.e. 60'x100' w/ 10' ceiling)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Total Zone ozone generator rental removes light odors in most living spaces in four to six hours and vehicles in two to three hours. If the source of odor (burned wood, smoke on walls, mold, etc.) is not removed, the unwanted odors will return after the treatment. For best results use this ozone generator rental as the last step to a clean, odor free space.
*Do NOT remain in the room while the ozone generator is running.

*Open all windows and "air out" the room before occupying.

*Leave the windows cracked one inch in vehicles and do not leave the ozone generator rental in a vehicle for more than one day per treatment because it begins to dry out rubber materials.

*Spacing items out in a house (clothing, materials, or curtains) and using fans to circulate the air will improve the performance of the O3 molecules.

Also known as an air purifier or smoke eater
Here is the formula for the amount of time it takes the TZ1 to fill a room with ozone:

Divide the cubic feet of the room by 100, then multiply that number by 2 to get the total amount of minutes. The amount of time the ionizer rental will have to stay at that level depends on the pollutant load, temperature, and humidity.

I.E. 10x10x8 room = 800 cu.ft. / 100 CFM x 2 = 16 minutes
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