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Product ID: MOLE3
Mole Rental 3", 54" long, 72 Lb Air Burrowing Tool
Details of Rental Item
72 lbs
Maximum Distance
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Air Compressor Requirements
185 CFM
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Allied Pneumatic Hole Hog Missile rental requires a 185 CFM diesel air compressor.
Used for horizontal bore jobs. Allied underground piercing underground boring and pipe pushing/pulling missle tools are the most efficient, least expensive method for underground pipe or service placement in construction and installation work. Pneumatic Hole Hog missiles open clean, compacted, self contained tunnels for pipes, cables, conduits, or wiring at the lowest cost per foot. Hole Hogs eliminate the need to break pavement or disturb landscaping from trenching or open cuts. There's no reason to disrupt traffic by tearing up and restoring asphalt or concrete or callbacks for settling backfilled trenches. Hole Hogs break through the ground while horizontal boring under roads, driveways sidewalks, parking lots, runways, foundations, or virtually any obstacle. Also known as a pneumatic gopher or under driveway boring machine. Unit has a 40' hose on it. Can get approx. 35' of underground run out of unit.

Tool Cut-Away:

Tool Operation:

Grundomat vs Conventional:

Also known as a pneumatic gopher or missile or Trench less pipe install tool or boring missel or boring missile or hammerhead mole or air borig tool or boring machine or boring missle or tunneling machine or borer. This is not a directional drill or directional boring machine. Those are far more capable. This is for shorter distances.
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