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Product ID: AUTIND
Mini-Ductor Heat Induction Tool Rental
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Heat and removed seized nuts, bolts, bearings, fasteners, sensors and more without a torch. The Mini Ductor 1800W Induction Heater Tool is safe and does not affect the area around the seized or rusted metal. Also known as a bolt heater, nut heater or induction wrench
**Works on ferrous metal only (has iron)**
Does not work on Aluminum, Copper, etc..

More and more technicians are putting down their torches and grabbing one of our handheld induction heaters to remove seized or rusted parts made of ferrous metal from corrosion or thread lock compounds. By utilizing Invisible Heat® generated by electromagnetic waves, induction heating tools heat only the part you want to heat, without risk of damage to surrounding areas. It’s completely flameless and the coil itself does not get hot.

Vehicle repair
Ball Joints, Lug Nuts, 02 Sensors, Exhaust Manifolds, bearing removal etc..
Farming Equipment
Rusted Bolts and joints, bearings, etc...

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