MegaPress Black Iron XL Rings, 1/2"-2" Jaws
Details of Rental Item
Capacity (MegaPress Black Iron)
1/2", 3/4", 1', 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" Black Iron
Weight of Kit
40 lbs
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Used with the Milwaukee Force Logic Long Throw Press Tool
½”-2" IPS MegaPress Black Iron Rings are designed for use on Viega® MegaPress XL® fittings and optimized for our M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool. The press tool rings provide you with the fastest IPS connections. The IPS Ring Kit is a more efficient alternative to welding, enabling you to press connections on ½”-2” from schedule 10 up to schedule 40 black iron pipe. The ring jaw connects directly to the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool, providing you with secure joints in one cycle. The 2 ½”-4” IPS XL Ring Kit combined with the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool has the lightest in-line design giving you unrivaled access in tight spaces and around installed pipes, providing you with controlled, flameless steel connections for unmatched productivity.
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