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Manual Shear Rental, 26" Large Capacity (D-Cutter)
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Cuts a 4/12 pitch on 8-inch fiber cement siding
The one-of-a-kind 26" EZT Shear SST is the only tool on the market that cuts a 4/12 pitch on 8-inch fiber cement siding while producing a very clean edge and no air born dust. It's the best tool for cutting fiber cement, vinyl tile, and cedar siding as well as exterior trim products up to 26 inches.

EZ Shear Series
The lightweight, professional-grade Bullet by MARSHALLTOWN® EZ Siding Cutters offer the same silica dust eliminating performance as the Magnum series at an affordable price. They can cut siding materials, including fiber cement and narrow vinyl siding, up to 1” thick. Maximum cut width depends on your choice of blade length between 9” – 26”. All options feature a built-in ruler for quick, accurate measurements, a moveable fence for multi-angled cuts, and a strong, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction. All Bullet by MARSHALLTOWN® EZ Siding Cutters are Made in the USA with Global Materials and come with a 1-year warranty.
Professional-quality performance at an affordable price
Can cut fiber cement board siding, pressboard lap, vinyl siding, wood siding, OSB trim, fiber cement trim, vinyl trim, PVC trim, tar and wood shingles
Choose a blade length between 9” – 26”
Cuts materials up to 1” thick; maximum width dependent on choice of shear
Features built-in ruler and strong aircraft-grade, F-beam aluminum construction
Moveable fence for multi-angled cuts
Won’t produce dust or noise and works without electricity
Is sometimes referred to as a guillotine cutter.

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