Product ID: ELESW
Makita 6922NB Shear Wrench Rental
Details of Rental Item
10.6 lbs.
Included Sleeves
3/4", 7/8" Bolt Sizes
No Load RPM
Max Torque
600 Ft. Lbs.
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Rent this 600 Foot Lb. Tool to tighten and break off special shear bolts. Anti-slipping mechanism; tool won't start until inner sleeve engages with bolt tip. Handy tip lever for ejecting sheared tips.
The Makita Shear Wrench is a 10 pound screw-snapping monster. It applies over 600 ft./lbs. of torque to shear off extra bits of fastener up to 7/8" in diameter all day long.

Insert the tool over a nut with a bit of fastener sticking out the back. The swappable outer collar grips the nut while an inner sleeve grips the excess fastener tightly. With all that in position, pull the trigger to activate a twisting motion to relieve the fastener of the part caught in the inner sleeve.

You can then eject the "bit-o-screw" in the sleeve with the flick of a small lever located near the trigger.

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