Product ID: LIFSUM20
Lift Rental, 20' HVAC Lift for A/C Units 800lb cap
Details of Rental Item
Lifting capacity
800 lbs.
Machine weight
355 lbs. Genie 405 lbs.
Max height w/ forks down
18' 10"
Max height w/ forks up
19' 11"
32" in transport. 74" in operation
Height, boom in stowed position
76" Genie 79"
Fork width span
Length in operation
73" Genie-84"
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Built for Heavy Materials Like Steel Beams, A Duct Jack for Heating Ducts, Air Conditioners and Continuous Work - 800 lb capacity. Push it in place and crank it up.
Sometimes referred to as an I beam lift or a Genie lift or a manual forklift or a duct jack or a beam lifter or a header lifter or beam lifter or beam jack or beam lift or beam lifts
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