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Product ID: LAWDOG
Invisible Dog Fence Installer Rental for Pet Fence
Details of Rental Item
130 lbs
5.5 hp Honda with wet clutch
Cable Reel Holder
With guides
Trench Depth
3 1/2 "
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Our dog fence trencher has a spool holder on the handle and easily installs dog wire, low voltage lighting, control wires and more! Do not use in wet or muddy ground conditions.
Learning how to install invisible dog fence, low voltage lighting, control wires and more can now be learned and mastered easily and quickly. The E-Z TP310 Cable Installer digs a trench, lays a wire or cable and actually backfills the trench all in one pass with our installer. The E-Z Cable Installer dith digger is all steel constructed and utilizes a carbide cutting blade. The high-speed carbide blade even cuts through tree roots. Installing invisible fence, wire or cable with this machine is fast and easy at approximately 20 feet per minute. Sometimes referred to as an underground dog fence installer, an electric dog fence installer, or just an electric wire installer.

Check out our other option for installing underground wire PERIMETER WIRE UNDERGROUND WIRE INSTALLER

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