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Invisible Dog Fence Installer -reciprocating blade 1500 FT ROLL MAX!!!!
Details of Rental Item
Spool Capacity
1500 Ft.
Wire Size Maximum
4 mm diameter (.155 inches)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Our perimeter wire machine has a spool holder and easily installs dog wire, low voltage lighting, control wires and more!
It has a reciprocating blade that leaves no mess.
Does not work well in rocky soil !!
Check out our other option for installing underground wire EZ TRENCH DOG FENCE INSTALLER
This perimeter wire machine can bury up to 2000 feet of wire per hour. Its revolutionary design offers high productivity and profitability! It is easily transported from one site to another, due to its small size and lightweight! You will be able to install wire from all robot manufacturers, thanks to its easy maneuverability.

The PWM600MH turns sharp corners with its small turning radius.

Its ergonomic adjustable multi-position handle with sideways pivot allows the operator to easily install the wire under hedges, shrubs and low branches!
Self-propelled by a 4-stroke Honda engine, it decreases operator effort considerably.
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