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Honda HS720AA 20" Push Snow Blower.

Product ID: HS720AA

MFG: Honda

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Single stage
4 cycle, 190cc Honda OHC engine
Clears 20" wide, up to 1800 lb./min
Throws snow up to 33 feet
Semi-self propelled auger drive
Snow Director chute control - easy control of distance and direction
The Honda GC190 OHC premium residential engine offers plenty of power to churn through the snow. Starting is easy - even in cold weather.

No mixing, no two-stroke smoke and stink, lower emissions, and better fuel economy.

Honda uses a rugged, durable metal auger with replaceable rubber paddles to make quick work of residential snow removal. The auger assist drive helps move the HS720 when the rubber-edged auger contacts the surface. A gentle upward pressure on the handle starts forward motion.

Don't let its small size fool you. The HS720 has the snow-clearing power of a snow blower twice its size. Just like you'd expect from a Honda.

A conveniently located remote chute control determines the direction of snow discharge. The deflector can be adjusted from left to right 204 degrees.

Just move the Snow Director control up and down to adjust the distance of snow discharge.

Reliable, rugged construction featuring a bearing supported auger. The heavy duty designs offers dependable performance through demanding conditions.

Large 20" wide clearing width, 12" high

Easy transport to and from storage makes the job easier.

Managing your snow removal is simple with easy to access controls. The ignition switch, manual choke, starter grip and fuel cap are conveniently located for easy access. The starter grip is extra large to accommodate gloves or mittens. The access panel allows easy and safe operation, even with gloves on.

The large fuel cap and fuel opening make it easy to re-fuel, even with gloves on. The unit has a fuel shut off valve for safe storage.

The HS720 is designed for ease of maintenance. Draining the engine oil and fuel are easy, saving time, frustration, and mess. The spark plug is very easy to access for replacement.

Compact and convenient, the HS720 offers the performance of a larger snow blower with the benefits of a single stage unit.

This system relieves compression in the engine during starting and then closes automatically to ensure full power after the engine starts.

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