Product ID: HEAEXC500
Heater Rental, Heat Exchange, 500,000 BTU, Trailer Mounted
Details of Rental Item
Fuel Capacity
60 Gallons
20 Hours
Fuel Consumption
3 Gallons/Hour
Heated Air Volume
4800 CFM
BTU Rating
500,000 BTU's
Discharge Temp
Up to 250 degrees
Static Pressure
Maximum length of duct
100ft (total including return duct)
Included 12" Duct
(2)12"x25' Discharge Duct, (1) 16"x25' Return Duct
Return system
Use duct to return air to heater from heated space
Power Requirements
120v, 17.6A running/20A Startup (5000W Generator)
Weight w/fuel
900 lbs
70"L x 35"W x 57"H
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Uses Kerosene and is perfect for workshops, greenhouses, farms, warehouses. ***Two 25' ducts included, One 16" Return Line***.
***100% clean heat, flame never touches heated air. ***
Indirect heaters work the same as a home furnace using a heat exchanger to heat the air.
For Maximum heat and efficeincy, use two ducts, one to deliver hot air and one to return air from the heated space to the heater.
Heating heated air instead of drawing in cold air from the outside greatly increases effectiveness all without fumes or smell
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Our oil indirect fired heater has high output, high thermal
efficiency and high airflow and is ductable up to 100 feet. Output of 500,000 BTU/HR with a 250 degree air output temperature.

Cubic foot of area x .133 x desired temperature rise = btu size needed
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