Product ID: FLOSC20
Floor Scrubber Rental, 20" Walk-Behind Rechargable
Details of Rental Item
24V AGM (2 Sets, one in scrubber, one spare)
Battery Charging
Includes Onboard and Spare 24V charger
Recharge Time
5-8 hours
3-4 Hours per Battery Set, 6-8 Hours Total
Weight with Batteries and Full Tanks
531 lbs
Size LxWxH
52"x 21"x 43"
Tank Capacity (Soluion & Recovery)
14.5 Gallons each
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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***Includes 2 Sets of AGM batteries and extra charger for extended runtime, up to 8 hours***
Run scrubber with one set while the other set is charging with spare 24V charger to maximize working time.
The self-propelled, Clarke Focus II L20 floor scrubber rental can be used to clean tile, basement floors, small industrial and warehouse floors, and many other surfaces including gym floors.
It is great for scrubbing concrete floors.
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The Clarke auto scrubber rental are reliable and durable and have the features you need to increase the productivity and efficiency of your cleaning program. They both have built-in chargers. The batteries on these autoscrubbers last for approximately 4 hours and can be recharged at any level of power. An extra set of batteries is included with your rental. These walk-behind scrubbers also have curved urethane squeegees with reverse pick-up. 20-inch pads are avalaible for purchase in a variety of styles. Sometimes called a concrete floor cleaner
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