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Rent the ideal floor sanding package. Begin with a Drum Sander and Edger Sander to prep your floor. Transition to the U Sand Sander for an easy to use floor finishing system.
Included: Drum Sander, Edger Sander, U-Sand Sander
All grits of Sandpaper sent along on rental. You only pay for what you use.
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The drum sander and edger sander are hands down the best way to take a rough hardwood floor or a floor with paint/sealer and clean it up or remove the paint/sealer. Any other type of sander will clog up quickly and take very long to complete. The drum sander however becomes more difficult as you transition to grits above 36 grit as you move towards a refinished floor. By utilitzing the Combo rate you then transition to the U Sand Sander which is highly effective in finishing floors and is very easy to use. Sometimes called a wood sander
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