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E-Trowel 36" Battery Powered Trowel Concrete Finishing Machine

Product ID: ETROWEL36

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The E-Trowel battery powered concrete finishing machine is a unique design and unlike anything else on the market.
Boasting 8+ hours of runtime, this unit will run all day without having to recharge!!

The handle removes for easier transport and batteries can also be removed.
This unit is the perfect concretye finishing solution for finishing out basements and enclosed areas where there is little ventilation.
It puts out zero fumes and has the power, weight & speed ratio of an engine powered unit.
The ultimate in low and no emmisions power trowels, the battery trowel machine far surpasses propane trowel machines in reliability, emissions, noise, and maintanace.
As an added benefit, reduce noise on your jobsite.
Please give us a call for more information on this Battery Powered Trowel Machine - Gap Power - 717-442-8970

Also referred to as... Battery Powered Trowler, Battery Power Trowel, Battery Concrete Trowler, Battery Powered Power Trowel, Battery powered Concrete Finisher, Battery Concrete Smoother/Polisher. Low Emmisions Trowel
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