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Product ID: SKIDSO
.Ditch Witch SK800 Mini Track Stand On Loader Rent. Kubota SCL1000
Details of Rental Item
Ditch Witch Model
SK800 - Specs Below
Also For Rent
Kubota, Bobcat, Wacker Neuson
3170 lbs w/42" bucket(250lbs)
Bucket Size
36" or 42" Tooth or smooth
Dump Height
Lifting Capacity at 35% (Rated)
860 lbs
Tipping Load
2,465 lbs
Horse Power
25 Horse Kubota Diesel
Kubota, Wacker Width
SK800 & Bobcat Width
Trailer minimum
5000 lb. GVW
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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These machines, the Bobcat MT100 mini Bobcat loader, DitchWitch SK800 Loader & Kubota SCL1000 & Wacker SML1000 Stand On Compact Loader are a pleasure to use, even for a novice. With great control and visibility, big machine performance & an attachment for so many varied jobs. See attachments below.
ABOVE PRICE INCLUDES... Your choice of a bucket ranging in size from 36" or 42" with teeth to 48" light material. Use in preparation for lawn seeding /w attachments. Can be used as an all terrain dolly for moving thinks like hot tubs. Can often be used where an articulated loader would be used
There's nothing mini about their productivity. Ideal for a wide range of applications the Kubota/Bobcat/Ditch Witch/Wacker Neuson mini skid loaders, sometimes called Toro Dingos, maneuver easily around tough worksites and reduces workload in the process. It can be fitted with a large variety of attatchments. The mini skid loader has a powerful diesel engine. Operator comfort is increased by eliminating the need to walk through worksite debris, mud and uneven terrain. The platform allows for greater visibility to the attachment and bucket edge compared to walk behind units. Operator fatigue may also be decreased due to the amount of time spent walking over the course of a project. Has the necessary ground clearance to back up over curbs while enhancing visibility to the attachment. A catalytic converter scrubber is available for low emission jobs. Also known as a Stand on skidloader or standon loader or as a mini skid steer or standing skid steer or mini loader or mini track loader. Also as a front loader or mini front end loader or MT-55 or MT-85 or MT100 or walk behind loader or as a stand behind loader, track loader or trackloader or mini bobcat or mini skid or walk or bobcat loader or ditchwitch or skid steer stand behind or small skid loader or mini skid loader or standing skid steer or ride on skid loader. Sometimes referred to as a Kabota or tracked skid steer or Skidsteer or SK850 or SK900 or stand skid or a narrow bob cat or a narrow loader or skidloder or a small loader
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