Product ID: LAWDEP
Dethatcher Rental, 40", Pull-behind
Details of Rental Item
Pull Behind
Can pull behind ride-on-mower
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Removing thatch with a de thatcher will make your lawn healthier
The Brinly DT 400BH is great for the small to medium sized lot owner, this use is the perfect size to remove the "dead weight" from your lawn. Removing thatch will make your lawn so much healthier; you'll see a noticeable improvement in almost no time! This dethatcher is very easy to use, just hook to your lawn tractor, go over your entire yard, and sit back and watch your yard become healthier and greener.Sometimes referred to as a lawn scarifier or a verticutter or verti cutter or a dethacher
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