Product ID: CONCS8
Concrete Scarifier Rental, 8" Wide, Gas
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28 days
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This Edco 8-inch scarifier rental is designed for planing and anti-slip grooving. Sometimes referred to as a concrete surface cleaner or cement grinder or concrete resurfacer or sidewalk grinder or concrete milling machine

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The Edco CPM-8-9H scarifier rental has an 8-inch working width and will scarify approximately 350-500 sq. ft. per hour at a depth per pass of 1/8". It can remove traffic lines at 800-1,000 lineal ft. per hour.

 Power source over drum to eliminate vibration and maximize surface contact
 Compact design
 Vacuum port
 Water misting system

 Sidewalk trip hazard repair
 Concrete and coatings removal
 Floor cleaning and/or preparation
 Non-slip surface creation
 Traffic line and marking removal

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