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Product ID: COMPR
Compactor, Paver Roller, 2315 lb force
Details of Rental Item
271 lbs
Vibrations Per Minute
Impact Force
2315 lbs
Powered By
Honda gas GX160
25.8" x 24.4"
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Allen ESI Paver Roller and Paving Stone Plate Compactor provides 2315 lbs for tamping stone, pavers and other hardscape materials efficiently and without scratching the stone. Sometimes called a plate compacter or a plate compactor or plate roller
Now a vibratory plate dedicated to compacting paving stones. Previously if you wanted to compact paving stones you had to use a bolt-on sheet of plastic to cover the bottom of your standard vibratory plate. However when you have large areas of pavers to be laid this system did not work well as the plastic plate attachment slowed down the plate and made turning less than convenient as the plastic attachment tended to roll or shift. Now with the EVPC120H these problems are eliminated. The EVPC has rubber-coated rollers which allow the plate to move quickly and efficiently over the pavers. The protected rollers will not chip or mark the pavers and the rollers allow for easy and smooth maneuvering over the pavers. Sometimes called a pipe roller or roller paver packer or Roller Compactor

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