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Product ID: SCONE16
Cardi Cut-Quick Saw Rental, Electric, 16" Blade
Details of Rental Item
24.3 lbs plus blade
Blade Capacity
Cutting Depth
Powered By
120 volt AC electric
Generator Required
3000 watts
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Cardi TP400EL concrete saw rental has electric power which means no gas fumes. This saw allows you to cut concrete or metal. It is designed for use in areas where gasoline saws are not welcome due to exhaust gases.

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The Cardi TP400EL is a "soft start" saw.

We've had great success with the 12" and 14" electric concrete saws so now we have added a Cardi 16" electric concrete saw to our rental fleet. The unique challenges with the 16" saw is that normally you would exceed the 20 amps that is readily available. This Cardi unit solves those challenges by running an electronically governed motor, much like our core drills. This saw also spins the blade 3 times before applying full power to the blade to get it up to speed without drawing too many amps. Sometimes referred to as chop saw, wet saw, wet concrete saw, pavement saw, cut off saw, demo saw, demolition saw or cutoff saw or concrete cutter
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