/Bull Rope Sling, Sirius Bull Rope 20mm 20,200 lbs
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Bull Rope Sling, Sirius Bull Rope 20mm 20,200 lbs


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$66.00 / 25 ft
Double-braid dead-eye tree rigging slings have a large eye which is perfect for girth-hitching the sling on rigging hardware. These tree rigging slings are made from Teufelberger Sirius Bull Rope, which is coated for abrasion resistance, and have excellent durability and strength. All of our tree-rigging slings are hand-spliced by the professional rope splicers at Gap Power. We can also have a custom tree rigging sling spliced to your spcifications. FREE SHIPPING

3/4” Sling Working Load Limit in Choker: 2,040 lb.

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