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Bradco Tilt Attach Adapter for Skid Loader

Product ID: 17446

MFG: Paladin Attachments
MFG Part Number: 17446

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Includes 66" (103577) Hose Kit
All 75 Series hydraulic motors drive the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction
The heavy-duty, all-gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs
75 Series drive units are completely sealed, with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis
All models feature reverse rotation for quick backout when obstructions are encountered
The system's hydraulic relief valve protects the units from damage when the auger hits large, immovable objects

The Bradco Tilt Attach® allows full utilization of your skid steer on hilly terrain. It attaches to a skid steer universal hitch to allow 18° left of right of tilt off centerline. The Tilt Attach tilts buckets and landscaping implements for more precise grading and leveling. The Valve Package is mounted on Tilt Attach for use with hydraulically powered attachments. Simple connection by electric wiring keeps valves and hoses out of the operator's cabin. A large spherical ball bushing in the center pivot allows for extra strength and durability. This product is also available CE certified.
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