Product ID: BLOHH
Blower/Vac Rental, SH86 Hand Held Leaf, Stihl
Details of Rental Item
9.7 lbs
Air Volume With Round Nozzle
459 CFM
Air Velocity With Round Nozzle
154 MPH
Air Voulme With Flat Nozzle
359 CFM
Air Velocity With Flat Nozzle
190 MPH
Noise Level
70 dB
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Clean Those Hard To Reach Places, With This Powerful Handheld SH86 STIHL Blower/Vac, With 2 Nozzles Available
This top-of-the-line professional blower/vac has all the features and power you need for tough jobs. With increased blowing power for the professional landscaper, the Stihl SH86 gas leaf blower/vac is fitted with a cruise control throttle for constant air speed, and high performance flat and round nozzles. With added comfort features like a soft grip handle with anti-vibration, this STIHL leaf blower/vac makes clean up a breeze. Includes one gallon of 2-cycle mixed gas.
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