2023 Auction and Open House Scheduled For Friday February 3rd, 2023

1/5/2023 - 5:36:32 PM

Join us on Friday February 3rd for the annual Gap Power Open House and Auction!

The auction will begin at 11:00am and include many pieces of STIHL equipment (50% of proceeds benefit C.A.R.E)
Other auction items to be included Lawn and Garden equipment and Construction equipment and supplies. 

Click Below for PDF of :

6 Page Complete Open House Brochure

Pettibone & JLG Training Classes

Training Sessions; Local Construction Leaders Panel Discussions ( Local Construction, Family Business, etc)
Training Sessions; Kevin Chambers, Area Director, OSHA

DeWalt Promo One Page 

Milwaukee Promo One Page

Item by Item List w/ Lot Numbers

Gap Power Auction 1 Page Flyer




The auction and open house on February 3, 2023, cannot come soon enough for me! The chance to see many different kinds of construction machines and tools in action is always exciting. The newest releases and technological breakthroughs have my full attention. Meetings like this one allow me to keep up with the latest developments and make educated choices when it comes to purchasing new tools. Excited to check it out and hopefully find some great discounts. There you go!
For More Info : https://www.equifyfinancial.com/
7/29/2023 - 12:33:23 AM
Daniel, The 2024 auction and open house is currently scheduled for Feb 2, 2024.
Jeremy @ Gap Power
3/7/2023 - 12:03:30 PM
Do you have a date scheduled for 2024 auction and open house?
Daniel Fisher
3/6/2023 - 6:15:46 PM
I can't wait for the auction and open house scheduled for February 3rd, 2023! It's always an excellent opportunity to explore a wide range of construction equipment and machinery. I'm particularly interested in checking out the latest models and technology advancements. Events like these help professionals like me stay updated and make informed decisions when it comes to investing in new equipment. Looking forward to attending and discovering some fantastic deals. See you there!
For More Info : https://www.lyonauction.com/
Lyon auction
7/28/2023 - 7:06:53 AM
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