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Product ID: CONBU10
Battery Wheelbarrow, Landscape Buggy, 4Wheel Drive
Details of Rental Item
Capacity - Volume
10 cu ft
Powered Dump
Capacity Level Ground
750lbs on level ground
Capacity 3:1 Slope
500lbs on 3:1 slope
Capacity - Concrete
5 cubic feet = 750 lbs *HALF FULL*
Powered By
24V Battery Pack (Spare Pack Included)
Run Time Per Battery Pack
4-6 hours per Battery Pack (2 Included)
344 lbs
Variable Speed
0 - 3.2 mph
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Granite Overland Cart Landscape Buggy is a 24V, 22A Battery Powered "Electric Wheelbarrow" capable of handling 10 cubic feet and up to 750 lbs.
Power Dump
This unit will run all day with the two included battery packs with 4 hours of run time each for a total of 8 hours runtime.
Small but powerful, the Overland Electric Wheelbarrow is the right machine for a large variety of uses. These carts have just enough room to get the job done. Haul mulch, dirt, stone, livestock feed or bedding. This is a great little cart to use outdoors, or even inside your barns. You can take this powered wheelbarrow places a large front end loader or tractor can’t go. Locking hinged hopper for easy dumping or use the Power Dump
The Automatic Fail Safe Electromechanical Static Park Brake holds the wheels when you let go of the throttle, even on an incline.

These are sometimes referred to as power wheel barrow or power wagon or mud buggy or electric motorized wheelbarrow or powered wheelbarrow or a gas powered wheelbarrow or muck truck or wheel barrel
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