Product ID: BLOVEN
Air Ventilation Blower Rental, 12" Duct, Electric
Details of Rental Item
35 lbs
Free Air
2200 CFM
Powered By
120 volt AC electric 1 HP
Air CFM w/ 25' (1) 90 dg bend
1443 cfm
Air CFM w/ 25' (2) 90 dg bend
1341 cfm
Air CFM w/ 50' (1) 90 dg bend
1368 cfm
Air CFM w/ 50' (2) 90 dg bend
1290 cfm
Length, Width, Height
16", 20", 21"
Ventilation hose
25' Duct Included
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This General ventilation blower (Air Mover) allows you to breathe easier on the job site. It is a great solution to confined space ventilation in a manhole. Sometimes referred to as a fume extractor or smoke extractor or exhaust extractor or exhaust fan
The General EP12ACP ventilation blower air mover is designed to accommodate most non-hazardous confined space ventilation requirements. It is built with a heavy-gauge construction. This ventilation blower rental is ideal for supplying fresh air around construction sites, removing toxic and noxious atmospheres from confined work spaces, detecting sewer line leaks, and providing fresh air when working in tanks and vaults. Proper ventilation increases safety and worker productivity rates while conforming to tough federal and state OSHA regulations. Sometimes referred to as an exhaust blower or ventilator or extraction fan or extraction blower or a negative vacuum
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