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Product ID: STUM
Stump Grinder, 38 HP, Hydraulic Cutter Swing
Details of Rental Item
Weight - Bandit
1,850 lbs.
Weight - Toro
1,750 lbs.
Wheel Diameter
21" Toro & Bandit
Bandit, wheels..... Toro, tracks
Engine - Toro & Bandit
38 HP Honda
Length Width Height Bandit
112" 35" 48"
Length Width Height Toro
95" 34" 51"
Bandit 50" Toro 52"
Cut Depth Bandit
Cut Depth Toro
Cut Height Bandit
Cut Height Toro
Hardened Carbide
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Bandit Model 2150 XP or Toro STX-38 is an ideal machine for tree services, municipalities, looking for a dependable, self-propelled grinder with the ultimate maneuverability.
Estimated Grinding Speed:
30" green softwood stump from 4" above to 8" below in 45 minutes
These rugged models are extremely productive due to massive 50-inch swing arcs, one of the largest available in this size range.

Tight steering radius add stability and maneuverability for a wide variety of terrain conditions making it a
favorite among tree service and land clearing companies large or small! Also known as a stump remover.

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