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ThisNational floor scraper rental is ideal for removing such materials as carpet, linoleum, and backing. The National 550 offers high productivity, and an ergonomic design. It uses a reciprocating motion on the blade allowing the scraper to slice through the glue. For heavier duty applications such as ceramic tile, try a jackhammer scraper, pole scraper, or for large projects, the ride-on floor scraper.
Built with a 3/4 horsepower, 115/230 VAC, and a 60 hertz electric motor, this National 550 walk-behind floor scraper rental features high productivity, but at low noise levels. With an exciter unit mounted directly to the driveshaft, the scraper uses downward force to bore into and strip away the applied floor covering and adhesive. It is ideal for apartment and office projects where noise impact must be minimized. The National 550's ergonomic design provides a more pleasant operator experience to increase work stamina and minimize occupational injury. This floor scraper rental has a very comfortable, full-width, tubular construction that increases leverage and control, while the handle-grip configuration is designed to optimize wrist strength and reduce fatigue. The adjustable handle height caters to operators of any build, helping to prevent lower back strain. Sometimes referred to as a floor stripper, vinyl composition tile VCT floor remover, stripper, ripper stripper or tile and carpet scraper. Also known as jack hammer or concrete breaker or power chisel
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