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Product ID: SPRTOW
Sprayer, Tow behind, 5.5HP
Details of Rental Item
Spray Coverage Width
10 FT
5.5HP Honda
Spray Boom Coverage at 5mph
15 gallons/acre @ 30 psi
Spray Boom Coverage at 3.5mph
20 gallons/acre @ 30 psi
5 gpm at 290 psi
Hand Wand Max Throw
40' @ 4.5gpm at 290psi.
Tank Size
25 Gal.
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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25 gallon capacity. Pull it by hand or tow it with a garden tractor. Use 10' Spray width breakaway boom, or spray wand
Powered by a 5.5hp Honda Engine running a 4.3 gpm John Blue diaphragm pump; this pull behind sprayer is great for taking care of your trees, shrubs, bushes, and orchards. Spray herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides.
The folding breakaway boom sprayer system allows for easy transport in the folded position. The breakaway system allows the boom to flex if it hits an obstacle (i.e. tree, fence post, etc.)
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