Product ID: AUGUND
Under-Sidewalk Auger Rental - Horizontal Drilling
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Auger Diameter
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1/2 day
28 days
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This auger rental is used with our Little Beaver one man earth auger drive unit to drill horizontally under sidewalks up to 5 feet.
Used for horizontal bore jobs. This 3" diameter auger rental can be used for light to medium drilling in areas where there are not too many stones larger than about 2". It is useful for installing electrical conduits, water lines, and sprinkler lines under sidewalks. In some case you may be able to auger under a sidewalk wider than 5' if you can drill from both sides. This is a dry process and does not require water, although a little water may help stabilize the newly bored tunnel until you get the conduit, etc. into place.
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