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Rent Standing Seam Edge Roller, 3 Station, Large Radius
Details of Rental Item
Soft Aluminum
Up to .030
Copper sheet & coil
Up to 16 oz.
Galvanized Steel
Up to 28 ga.
Vinyl Trim and Coil
Shear point from bending edge
1.5 inches
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Malco’s ER3 makes straight edges and also adjusts for making curved bends! The center roller station of the ER3 is also independently adjustable, with outer roller stations retracted and locked, to allow for bending on a curve.
The ER3 3-Station Edge Roller ensures a uniform bend along the entire length of material. The tool quickly adjusts for making 5/8” to 4” (15.9-102 mm) bends in 29-22 gauge (0.36-0.76 mm) steel. The center roller station of the ER3 Edge Roller features a precision English/Metric depth gauge on one shaft leg that, when locked in place at desired setting, accurately aligns the depth of all roller stations. Large, comfortable adjustment knobs hold depth setting securely.

*Technique for making a good bend*
The trick to making a nice straight bend on metal with the ER3 is to start with a straight cut edge on the material you will be bending. Because the ER3 tracks along the edge of the material to be bent it is important to have a straight cut. The technique that works the best to prevent rippling of the material is to not to bend the material up to quickly. It is better to put light pressure on the tool and make multiple passes bending the material up about 10-20 degrees on each pass. For a bend to 90 degrees you should plan to run the tool back and forth at least 5 times.

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