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Product ID: LAWPRG
Pole Pruner, 11 1/2' or 12', Gas or Battery
Details of Rental Item
Gas HT101 Weight
16.3 lbs
Gas HT101 Length
7' 6"-11' 6"
Bar Length
Battery HTA85 Weight w/ Battery
14.6 lbs
Battery HTA85 Length
8' 2"- 12' 1"
Battery HTA85 Run Time
40 mins per battery (includes 2 batteries)
Battery HTA85 Charge Time
80% at 40 mins; 100% at 70 mins
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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HT101 gas powered or HTA85 li-ion battery powered pole pruner for those high and hard to reach areas. Sometimes referred to as a chain saw on a pole.
Ideal for hard-to-reach places, Stihl's adjustable shaft long reach pole pruner telescopes from 7'6" to 11'6", allowing the user to reach branches up to 16' above ground.
Includes safety items:
Helmet, chaps, bar and chain oil, wrench, an extra chain, and 1 gallon of 2-cycle mixed gas.
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