Product ID: MIN5
Mini Excavator Digger Rental, 2,000 Lbs., Ultra Compact
Details of Rental Item
Weight TB210R
2,535 lbs.
Weight KX008
2,025 lbs
Height TB210R
87" (ROPS folds to 56")
Height KX008
88" (ROPS folds to 71")
Dig Depth
5 feet
8, 12" wide
Break Out Force
2,500 lbs. at bucket
Width TB210R
30-41" Tracks spread hydraulically
Width KX008
28"-34" Tracks spread hydraulically
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Rent the Kubota KX008-T4 mini excavator to dig in tighter spots than our 1.5 ton Takeuchi. The ROPS bar folds down to a low overhead clearance of 71".
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This track hoe is not short on digging power with 2,200 lbs. of breakout at the bucket. This micro backhoe excavator rental has excellent visibilty in every direction which also enhances jobsite safety. This machine is a leader among one-ton excavators. Excavators are also known as a backhoe, a track hoe, back hoe or a trackhoe or a digger or escavator or minhoe or mini hoe or excuvator or Excvator or Excuzater
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