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ASCENDER, Kong Futura Right or left
The Futura hand ascender from Kong is the lightest hand ascender available. It fits in the palm of your hand and you grip the Futura ascender in the same way you would grip the rope itself. As a result the angle of your arm and hand relative to the rope feels just right. Choose from Left or Right handed versions. FREE SHIPPING
MFG: U.S. Rigging Supply
$79.00 / Right
This double handed ascender is fitted with a safety system to avoid accidental dislodging of the rope. The cam is toothed, and it works on doubled rope from 8 to 13mm (up to 1/2” capacity.)
KONG Carabiner ^Paddle^ Carabiner (Wire Gate)
Aluminum carabiner with wire gate and wide opening. Initially designed for attaching the paddle of a kayak, this connector has found various applications due to the wide opening of less than 32 mm. High quality product completelydeveloped and produced in Italy.FREE SHIPPING
Kong Duck Emergency Belay Device, lanyard adjuster
Duck, the innovative emergency rope clamp. Conceived for single ropes with a diameter between 8 and 13 mm, Duck is the 1rst and only belay device that works also on plane and tubular slings from 10 to 15 mm width (even if these are not certfied for progression). Due to the small dimensions, it can be easily inserted even with one only hand. The big hole allows the rotation of sleeve connectors. Duck is born like an emergency rope clamp for retrieve, self-belay, progression manouvres and for regulations of daisy chains.
High quality product, completely conceived and produced in Italy! FREE SHIPPING
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