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Product ID: LAWM36
High Weed Mower. Rent Canycom\ Mower 36"
Details of Rental Item
Cutting Width
Lenght x Width x Height
78" x 41" x 34"
Cutting diameter
2/3 acre per hour
760 LBS aprox.
25 degrees
Speed (mph) High/Low
8.6 mph/4.9 mph
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This tough Canycom Ride-On mowing machine will handle heavy brush, briers and tough grasses. Say good-bye to sickle mowers, hand held cutters, chainsaws etc.This brush mower works great for building walking trails or maintaining walking trails.
Canycom’s riding mower / brushcutter the CMX227, is all-wheel-hydrostatic-drive and turns at a 75° angle to maneuver around tight spots.

Built low to the ground for working on steep terrain and cutting under low-hanging branches and trellises
Quick-change swing-away blade design; no tools are necessary to change blades for quicker and more convenient blade replacement in the field
Designed to cut the heaviest vegetation or overgrown lawns and fields
Adjustable blade cuts to trim as high as 7 inches; blade-height lever allows for more precise control for optimal performance on uneven terrain
22-hp Subaru engine
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