Product ID: HWFT
Rent a Floor Tightener, Pair
Details of Rental Item
Applied Force
Aprox 1 Ton Pressure Max
Thickness of Board
3/4" Max Thickness
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This tightening jack rental is designed to tighten and hold in place hardwood flooring while nailing. This tool is also known as a hardwood floor jack.
This Prim-Jack hardwood floor jack rental is designed to hold flooring strips tight and keep them in place for nailing. It will also straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold them in the nailing position if you remove the tongue grip plate and secure it flush to the sub floor. This Primatech floor tightener can apply more than a ton of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer's hands for nailing. It is designed as one tool that will both push or pull the flooring strips tight. This Prim-Jack rental also features a removable shoe which allows you to efficiently position the jack on the floor or in the field of flooring without damaging the flooring, thereby enabling hands-free operation for nailing. The tool's base features a non-stick coating to help protect prefinished floors. This floor tightener is designed to be used with thicknesses of hardwood floors up to 3/4". Sometimes referred to as a deck board tightener.
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