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Product ID: SUC375
Hand-Held Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifting Tool Suction Cup
Details of Rental Item
Pad Capacity
375lbs on Glass
Pad Capacity
176lbs on Pavers
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Lift and position glass, metal, plastic, wood, tile, concrete, drywall, rouch slate, pavers etc... with this innovative hand-held battery-powered vacuum lifter.
Like a Suction Cup set but with more capacity and works on various surfaces.
**Included handle allows placing of pavers while standing up**
The Eddy Tools Grabo Battery Powered Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter can be used on a wide variaty of surfaces. Use for lifting glass into position, placing pavers for a patio, or carrying drywall and plywood. Two Grabo's can be used for more control when lifting glass etc..

Use as a paver placer rental, slab lifter, or slab grabber. also known as a vaccum or vacume

Includes two batteries and a charger long runtimes.

Also known as suction cup, vacuum cup, window suction cup
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