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Leaf Vacuum Dump Trailer, 12yd³ Capacity
We teamed up a heavy duty dump trailer (10,000 GVW) with a Little Wonder Monster Truck Loader and a locally fabricated debris box. It fills a niche for Landscapers & Municipalities and others looking to quickly vacuum up leaf piles. Does not do well on wet leaves. This is meant for big piles of dry leaves. Not meant for the piles coming out of mower baggers etc.Those piles are too compacted. Much faster than a Trac Vac. Replaces a yard sweeper - use a big leaf blower - blow piles together or to the street and use this to load leaves in a hurry. Also known as a leaf vacuum or leaf vaccum or leaf vac
Rent Tractor Attachment 2.3yd PTO Pull Behind Top Dresser
Rent the MillCreek Turf Tiger Cub TopDresser to apply or "top dress" nearly any material wet or dry. Often referred to as a compost spreader or mulch spreader or soil spreader or sand spreader. Can be used as a manure spreader only if the material is similiar in texture to clumps over 2-3" or wet material.
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