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CADDY robust rope and line storage bag
Ingenious. The Caddy from Edelrid is quite simply a revolutionary rope bag designed to keep things simple. The rope is housed in a flexible cylinder in the middle of the tarp to prevent knots and tangles. At the end of the day, simply lift the tarp at the four, tie-in corner loops and the rope slides straight back into the cylinder. FREE SHIPPING
DIRECTION UP 24 strand, spliceable, 13
The Edelrid Direction Up 13mm climbing rope is a surprisingly lightweight rope designed specifically for professional arborists who are looking for a better grip. The 24 strand Polyester sheath with a 16 strand Polyamide braided core makes this rope excellent for splicing and perfect for harsh everyday use. FREE SHIPPING

$0.84 / Foot
Edelrid Pure Slider Slate
Edelrid's HMS Strike Slider is an auto-locking carabiner made with an H-profile construction to maximize strength and minimize weight. It is one of the lightest carabiners of its size. The key closure system provides optimum handling when clipping and unclipping. FREE SHIPPING
Edelrid Triton Steel Snap Hook DSG 4000
This all-steel clip has a modern design that makes it compact, easy-to-use, and lighter than traditional steel clips. Great for those of you who like a heavier clip on their flipline, or who like the strength of steel for their climbing line attachment. Wide gate opening and key lock nose. FREE SHIPPING
KURT HAULBAG 55L, haul loops, robust tarpaulin mat
If you are looking for a sleek, European style gear bag at a reasonable price then this is the bag for you. The Kurt Haulbag by Edelrid is a robust 55L bag for all types of climbing. The bag is made from abrasion-resistant tarpaulin-like material, and its welded construction provides great strength. With inside pocket for accessories, 4 gear loops inside for gear organization, and 2 loops for hauling the haulbag, the Kurt Haulbag has plenty of room for all of your climbing gear. FREE SHIPPING
TREECORE TRIPLE LOCK sit harness, triple-lock leg
Edelrid developed this lightweight and functional harness specifically for arborists. The modular belt system includes removable D-rings, comfortable padding, and a sliding D system that offers optimum work positioning and easy adjustment of the waist support. The Treecore has four gear loops, two buckle straps and slide buckle loops. The easily adjustable leg loops offer optimum wear comfort. The padding is easily replaceable. The Treecore saddle can be transformed into a full body harness with the addition of Edelrid's Core Top chest harness. FREE SHIPPING

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