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Dewalt 4 gal. Cordless Backpack Sprayer
Details of Rental Item
Tank Capacity
3.7 gallons
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The 4 Gallon 20V MAX * Lithium-ion Powered Backpack Sprayer has Variflo™ technology which allows the operator to adjust the flow for multiple applications using specific nozzles for consistent and repeatable spraying. Whether it's for weeding and feeding, disinfecting, finishing concrete, or controlling pests - users are equipped for the job. Known as a tank sprayer or Fogger
Designed to finish the job in less time, the high-efficiency 4 gal. Cordless Backpack Sprayer can handle pest control spraying, weeding and feeding, and disinfecting applications with no pumping necessary.
Variflo™ technology allows the operator to adjust the flow by using specific nozzles for a consistent stream and high ease of use.
For comfort as you work, this sprayer"s deluxe harness fits snugly across the torso with its wide, padded shoulder straps that curve to the shape of your body.
An adjustable hip harness assists with weight distribution, relieving the burden from the user"s shoulders.
For versatility in patterns and application rates, multiple nozzle tips are included and can quickly be stored on the integrated nozzle clip.
The shut-off system is seamlessly operable with heavy-duty work gloves and is equipped with a comfort grip handle and lock-on mechanism.
The durable 50 in. nylon-reinforced hose and strain relief system prevent the hose from kinking at the chemical exit point.
This battery-powered Cordless Backpack Sprayer also comes with chemically resistant Viton® seals to withstand the effects of dangerous elements and substances.
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