Climbing Gear
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We offer carabiners made by some of the best safety companies in the world including Rock Exotica, DMM, ISC and Petzl. We stock aluminum carabiners, which are a great lightweight option for climbing, as well as steel carabiners suitable for climbing and rigging. Carabiners used for climbing (life support), must be "double locking", meaning that they require 3 distinct motions for the gate to open. Carabiners intended for life support must have a breaking strength of at least 5,000 lbs, or 23kN.
Didn't see the lanyard you were hoping to find? We can make custom lanyards with almost any rope type, length, and suitable hardware. Contact us for more information.
Friction savers protect the tree from potential wounds created by your rope, as well as extending the life of your climbing line. There are many varieties of friction savers, and they are gaining popularity among professional tree workers.
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