Arborist Kits
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These Rope Climbing kits contain all the gear needed to climb in the body-thrust technique, and are easily upgraded. They contain all the essential basic equipment including, saddle, rope, throw line, carabiners, and extras like gear bags and The Tree Climber's Companion. We have worked hard to make our climbing kits the best available.
These SRT kits take full advantage of the newest SRT climbing gear to get you in the canopy fast, with a built-in discount on the gear.
ZIGZAG Climbing Kit
This kit has everything needed to use your Petzl ZIGZAG. It includes the ZIGZAG, 150' of Blue Moon 24 strand climbing rope with a spliced eye, and 2 Petzl OK Triact locking carabiners. It also includes a Weaver Leather collapsible rope bag to store the ZIGZAG kit. FREE SHIPPING.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6
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