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Alturna Mat Outrigger Pad. Plastic Crane Mat


MFG: Checkers Industrial Safety Products

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When stabilizing your load is important, take a look at AlturnaMATS Outrigger Pads. They are the only engineered, quantifiable and rated pad available on the market these days. Unlike trying to make due with plywood, you won't have splinters, delamination, warping and the long term cost of replacement. With AlturnaMATS outrigger pads you'll find they're lightweight yet sturdy. They are engineered to bend, but not break and will recover their shape after bending. AlturnaMATS offer a variety of sizes depending on your equipment.

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Remember the following when selecting pads for your equipment:
Foot pads must be smooth and have 80 sq.in. of surface.
Muddy or loose soil conditions may require additional shoring or stack of pads.
Excessive flexing and/or bending may shorten the usable life of the pad.
Acceptable operating temperature range is -40 F to 180 F.
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