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The ART Spiderjack 3 is a multifunctional, self-blocking rope control device for running a double rope technique climbing system. The running rope is directly in front of the climber so it is possible to pull and feed the rope comfortably with one hand or hand-over-hand into the device. Speed regulation is simple and easy and it's smoother handling allows for more convenience and safer feeling when using the speed control. The Spiderjack 3 has a secured locking position function for maximum safety while working. The integrated swivel and pulley under the body makes the cam easy to use and durable for many years of use. FREE SHIPPING
The popular Spiderjack 2.1 is now available with the mounted Dyneema Kit (included). The Dyneema sling is attached on the body of the device with a lower ring to be attached onto the carabiner. The ring on the Dyneema kit must be attached to the carabiner. On the other end of the sling, you can attach a carabiner for the spliced end of your rope. The Dyneema Kit allows you to change the climbing system much more easily than before when climbing with more than one rope and anchor point. FREE SHIPPING
The Lockjack can totally replace the friction hitches used on climbing lines. The Lockjack works as both an ascender and as a descender for self-belay in the doubled rope technique (DdRT). The advantage of the Lockjack is that friction is applied to the rope with a smooth aluminum surface which causes less friction while climbing for an effortless advance, and a smoother more easily controlled descent. While climbing, the Lockjack tends slack by itself as the weight of rope below the climber pulls the line through the device. The Lockjack is a handy, efficient, yet easy-to-use climbing and descending device for climbing trees with international appeal. Works with 1/2” rope. FREE SHIPPING
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